Retrograde Access for Peripheral Angioplasty Simplified

The retrograde pedal approach to treat infrapopliteal CTO's can be tricky.  Some SFA and iliac occlusions can be difficult to cross as well.

UPSTREAM provides you with the angioplasty tools to simplify the procedure.

The key hurdles to the retrograde approach are securing a proper access site, advancing the guidewire beyond the CTO, and snaring the guidewire to complete the angioplasty procedure.  UPSTREAM provides you three simple tools to easily and quickly overcome these hurdles.  

The UPSTREAM™ Needle Holder facilitates quick arterial access while distancing your hands from the x-ray field.  The UPSTREAM™Support Catheter provides you with added flexibility, steerability, and pushability to advance from the retrograde approach beyond the proximal cap.  And the UPSTREAM™GR Guiding Balloon Catheter assists in the quick snaring of the guidewire for completion of the angioplasty procedure.

To see cases, choose from these links including highlights from Dr. Andrej Schmidt's cases at LINC:

All devices are FDA cleared and CE approved.  Upstream's products have been acquired by Spectranetics Corporation.  For more information, contact